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Is having a patent necessary?

Patents aren’t always necessary to move forward on an idea or concept.  There are times when you will not have to bear the cost of them as well.  Patents can be tricky to deal with, but we are here to help you with the process.

Do I need to have a prototype?

Prototypes can by finished 3D prints or at times, a basic rough model to get your idea across is all you need.  Sometimes you may simply have a great idea and need help with the design process.  Invented Dreams can help you with the perfect design for your idea or product.

Are CAD drawings something I need to move forward?

CAD drawings are not always required in the initial stages of discussions on the viability of your concept.  Let us help you decide on the direction of your idea as well as getting CAD drawings if necessary.

Concerned about manufacturing and the costs they incur?

Surprisingly, manufacturing costs are not always the responsibility of the inventor, designer.  We also work with several manufacturers to help with this process when time comes.

I'm lost and don't know where to turn?

There are a lot of bad sharks out there.  Working with a company run by people just like you is important.  Invented Dreams will work with you very closely to determine the correct steps for your invention…without talking over you or taking control.

Shark tank makes it look difficult.

Shark Tank is entertainment TV, it is not the real life of 98% of the successful inventors/designers.  We want to work with you and help you throughout the process without all the fanfare.

More Questions? Ask us!

We are here to assist you with the overall process…from start to finish.  Let our team go to work for you.